1- About Us:

Management at The Blu Swan Media are well experience trained and work towards making your most awaited day memorable. New era of modern, social & religious concepts blends well to make the day unique and mesmerizing. A famous saying” marriages are made in Paradise and eminent on the earth”. Dream you see- be it destination or at your requested venue you are at right reception to meet your expectation. Whatever your budget, we have solutions you won’t find elsewhere. All we want you is to relax and enjoy after all it’s that big day that you have always waited for. The vivacious culture, warm and gracious hospitality, traditional dance and music will add a distinctive charm to the whole event. We believe in Promises are meant to last forever. 
2- Destination Wedding: 

Having a wedding away from your hometown is unique and something your guests would always remember. It is ideal for couples who like to keep things intimate and personal, and want only their closest friends and family to attend the event. 
The landscape and the scenic beauty of the location, adds to the charm of the décor. Having a Destination Wedding could mean a fairytale setting for your big day. If it's been your lifelong dream to tie the knot at a beach during sunset or with rustic country scenery, having a Destination Wedding is the way to go. 

3- Décor:

Design and décor of the venue can transform the look and the feel of the entire event. Our team ensures that the design and the décor are aesthetic and picturesque and at the same time complimenting the venue. The aim is to transform and transcend client’s vision into an awe-inspiring reality. The Blu swan media specializes in giving you exactly what you want  as it is your day and you should be able to call  the shots so whether it’s an elaborate set design  or a traditional marquee or a simple and elegant  floral décor  you  want we provide  it to  you. 

4- Food and Beverages:

Food is one thing everybody at your wedding will remember, so make your special day unforgettable for the people attending it. We help you with selecting a menu that is a fine balance of Indian feasts and international cuisine that will delight the palate of your guests. We ensure that you have a wide variety of desserts right from traditional sweets to international delicacies. We also make sure that your wedding cake is an extension of your wedding celebrations. 

5- Film and Photography:

The use of film and photography is an essential part of the delegate experience. High impact on-screen content enables our clients to communicate their message in the most powerful way. 

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About Us

Blu Swan Media is Mumbai, India, based agency with the creative, strategic ideas and services for the industry of Celebrity & Talent Management.

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